As a sculptor I am interested in the form of a structure, the material and its texture. I work mostly in steel, ferrous and non ferrous metals, combining them to produce various sized structures and forms that convey the chosen subject matter in an exaggerated or morphed fashion. The process in which the sculpture is produced is an important factor for me, the various incarnations a piece may go through before I am satisfied, the resistance of the material, problem solving and experimentation. The way to combine various metals, their physical possibilities and the oxidation and aging process are an on going journey in my work.

I specialise in steel, stainless steel and glass sculptures, forged ironwork, functional pieces, stained glass windows and other objects, combining various mediums. I experiment wherever possible to refine my methods and explore new ones to broaden my artistic practice and create new and intriguing works of art.

I work primarily on a commission basis, tailor made to suit the individual or organisation.

Here you will find a selection of my previous works, current pieces and information on where to find me.